Cross Border VAT

Cross Border VAT

Since Brexit we’ve gained substantial experience assisting clients importing/exporting goods with their VAT.

The Cross-Border VAT Problem

Import VAT can be a cashflow headache, and export VAT can be difficult to manage because it can be affected by:

  • The transportation route.
  • Points of entry and exit.
  • The type of customer.
  • Type of sale (services, goods, digital online products, land-based).
  • Local, national, and VAT rules within an EU-wide framework.

Many businesses require imports to be duty-free. But, to ensure customs do not hold goods, duty must be paid by the seller.

We’ll help you manage this mess!

  • We’ll sort out your VAT and complete your UK VAT returns.
  • You’ll get it right. Your customers will get the goods they need at the right price when needed.
  • We can act as your VAT agent or VAT representative.

Examples of Help We’ve Provided

  • We advised an online merchandise platform on structuring their business to avoid the administrative headache of cross-border VAT reporting.
  • When a client’s previous accountant resigned due to the complexity of their international VAT we undertook a review of their operations. We explained the VAT implications enabling them to become VAT compliant (for the first time!).
  • We advised a listed US group on structuring its European businesses, including delivering goods from manufacturing to customer delivery.

Contact us today to reduce your cross-border VAT problems. You’ll be pleased you did.