ATED (Annual Tax of Enveloped Dwelling) Relief

We have in-depth specialist ATED expertise, frequently claiming substantial reliefs (tax savings) for our clients.

Many new clients are initially simply unaware of the substantial tax savings available from our in-depth ATED tax expertise.

(Note: ATED is just one of the many specialist, property-related, tax advice services we can provide to reduce your taxes.)

ATED Case Study

The ATED problem

A client transferred their portfolio of properties into a company to reduce tax liabilities. However, this triggered a potential ATED issue.

How We Helped

The clients’ properties qualified for relief and we helped them to do so.

However, one property probably fell outside of the ATED regime.

We advised the client that the consequences of HMRC disputing this meant they might have not claimed relief. This was an expensive risk and so we advised the client to claim relief just in case.

The Result

Relief was successfully claimed on all properties. The client enjoys the benefit of reduced tax on their entire property portfolio.

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