Percy Kan

Tax Assistant


  • AAT Part Qualified


  • Almost 2 years of experience in personal tax compliance.
  • Completed over 200 individual self-assessments, handling various aspects of tax compliance, such as tax reducers (EIS, SEIS, VCT), tax avoidance schemes, UK & foreign capital gains and property disposals. He has also dealt with HMRC investigations and digital disclosure service (DDS) for clients with 20 years of UK and foreign income and gains.
  • Independently managed client meetings and handles inquiries related to tax residency, non-domicile status, remittance basis, and the applications of split year treatment and double taxation agreements.
  •  Serves as the first point of contact and fully accommodates a portfolio of non-English-speaking clients throughout the entire business cycle.
  • Percy handles pre-engagement activities, professional clearance, addresses multiyear unresolved tax predicaments, manages tax return processing and filing, and assists with penalty appeals.



  • Percy enabled clients to successfully navigate a complex HMRC investigation, utilizing the digital disclosure service (DDS) for their 20+ years of UK & foreign income and gains. This resulted in a favourable resolution and agreement with HMRC instead of applying maximum penalties and potential legal consequences.
  •  He assisted clients in optimizing their tax position by implementing various tax reducers, including EIS, SEIS, and VCT schemes. This not only reduced their tax liability but also facilitated increased investment in government-approved businesses, fuelling growth and expansion.
  •  Advised clients through the process of applying split-year treatment and non-domicile claims for their change of tax residency. This enabled clients to effectively manage their tax residency status and significantly reduce their overall tax burdens while ensuring compliance with relevant tax regulations.
  •  Acted as the primary contact for a portfolio of non-English speaking clients throughout the entire business cycle. By providing comprehensive support and effective communication in their native language, he ensured that these clients understand are satisfied with what happened, what will happen, and what they need to do next.


Percy’s a football fan who cares about how his team plays instead wining or losing. He enjoys classical and pop music. He appreciates the beauty of composers’ work in a historical context.