Harry Doyle MA BA

Systems Developer


  • Master’s degree in Ancient History and Classics from the University of Manchester.
  • Undergraduate Degree in Ancient History and History from the University of Leicester.


  • Harry assists the software development team, bringing computing knowledge and adaptability to the team.
  • Full stack developer proficient in JavaScript, React, Power FX, Power Apps, XML, JSON and many more tools.


  • Harry developed software to improve the Johnsons’ efficiency enabling more resources to be spent on aiding and supporting our clients.
  • Spearheaded the design and development of software to support the operation of a cleaning company for one of Johnson’s clients. This included creating web pages, establishing a database structure, and implementing background processes to automate the administration of the business, from client onboarding to invoicing


  • Harry plays sports and computer games, travel, exercises at the gym and spends time with friends.
  • Uses his technical knowledge to create personal projects such as building websites and web apps.