Enock Musara CA(Z)

Audit Assistant Manager

  • Chartered Accountant CA(Z)


  • Enock qualified in 2028 and has substantial audit experience across multiple sectors, including:
    • Natural Resources
    • Energy
    • Shipping
    • Manufacturing
    • Technology
    • Media.
  • Speaks Shona


  • He has contributed significantly to the rapid growth of the Ealing audit team through recruiting and training new joiners
  • He took over a delayed, complex audit assignment that his previous firm had avoided. He completed it two days before the deadline, making the client very happy as they were saved from penalties.
  • After reviewing the tax computation, identified unclaimed capital allowances, which saved the client many thousands of pounds in corporation tax.


Enock is a keen chess player with an ELO rating of 2000+ in bullet and blitz on Lichess.