Outsourced Payroll ServiceOutsourced Payroll Service


We provide a wide range of payroll services. We’ll:

  • Run your payroll more efficiently using the technical knowledge expected of a firm of Chartered Accountants.
  • Ensure you meet your compliance and staff payroll obligations.
  • Help navigate the complexities of payroll including: off payroll working rules, IR35 issues and benefits in kinds.

Case Studies

Case Study 1) Recruitment Company

The Problem

A temporary recruitment agency focussed on healthcare and industrial sectors. The number of company employees varied weekly with multiple pay rates and differing hours worked.

Holiday pay and CIS obligations added complexity to the arrangement. Not only was this an administrative headache, it created significant internal costs in order to manage compliance.

How we helped

We took over the client from a top 20 firm. We reduced our client’s costs and created processes to reduce their payroll burden.

Financial and operational savings were also identified during the process.

The result

The payroll remains in perpetual change, and yet internal and external compliance costs have been reduced.

Payroll is being turned around more quickly, and post-processing adjustments have been almost eliminated.

Case Study 2) Non-Declaration to HMRC

The problem

The client was facing a criminal investigation for not declaring various taxes. Payroll had not been submitted for several years, and HMRC was refusing to agree on any final settlement until payroll matters had been brought up to date.

How we helped

We had to deal with the lack of historical records and bring payroll up to date with HMRC. This required negotiation with HMRC Inspectors regarding taxable and non-taxable employee payments and deemed tax-paid figures with IR35 considerations.

The Result

We swiftly reduced HMRC’s and the client’s initial estimated payroll liabilities by over 80%.