Khaing MyatNoe BA

Semi-Senior Auditor


  • Certified Accountant – ACCA (Part Qualified)
  • BA


  • Khaing is knowledgeable about risk and assurance procedures, accounting standards and financial services.
  • Background in the banking sector and micro-finance sectors.
  • Has also worked across manufacturing trading, logistics, oil and gas, charities, SRA audit, etc.
  • Issues audited financial statements and ensured businesses were compliant.
  • Identifies control weaknesses and provides value-added audit opinions to her clients.
  • Worked on audits of DHL, Petronas, Honda, UOB Bank, Shinhan Bank, State Bank of India and ASA Microfinace.
  • Speaks Burmese, Chinese and English.


  • She helped a client transition to IFRS and ensured that their financial reporting was upgraded in accordance with international accounting standards.
  • During an audit provided insights on lease recognition and measurement and ensured lease computations became more systematic to meet IFRS 16.
  • Helped a client identify risks and control deficiencies in the audit.
  • Contributed audit opinions to most banking and microfinance clients regarding compliance against regulatory laws and regulations, ensuring they were not penalised by their governing bodies.


  • Khaing enjoys hiking, camping, cooking, reading, fashion and beauty.
  • She volunteers for charitable activities such as fundraising, helps out and accompanies older people in care centres, and teaches kids.