Peter Briant CTA

Chartered Tax Advisor Peter Briant CTAChartered Tax Advisor Peter Briant CTA

Tax Manager


  • Chartered Tax Advisor
  • HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) Inspector of Taxes.


  • Chartered Tax Advisor for nearly 20 years.
  • Currently manages a tax team overseeing capital gains tax, HMRC enquiries, disclosure cases (UK and worldwide), all self-assessment issues and ad hoc tax work.
  • HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC)
    • Qualified Tax Inspector trained in tax investigations
    • Worked in the HMRC large business team, campaigns team, taxation of wealthy individuals team,
    • Worked in the HMRC strategy and complex taxation teams.
    • Managed teams across the UK dealing with enquiries into subjects such as income tax, business tax, VAT, minimum wage issues and due diligence.


  • Peter took over a large worldwide disclosure case from another accountancy practice and reached a settlement with HMRC.
  • When a client had difficulty in paying outstanding taxes, Peter arranged a time-to-pay plan with HMRC, so the tax was paid in instalments.
  • In an IR35 case with considerable potential exposure for the directors of a client company. Peter negotiated with HMRC and agreed that no additional tax would be payable.
  • Resolved a tax enquiry for an extremely stressed individual, agreeing on a suitable settlement and closing the tax enquiry.
  • Represented HMRC:
    • Speaking at various professional body events.
    • In discussions with foreign fiscal tax authorities.


  • Peter enjoys his leisure time, sometimes attending music events. Peter is also interested in some sport but not all sport and enjoys a decent cup of coffee