Tax Investigations, Enquiries and Tribunals

How We Help

We’ll help you with your HMRC Tax investigation, enquiry or tribunal as we’re more than standard Chartered Accountants:

  • 60% of our tax staff have previously worked for HMRC – so we know how to effectively work with them – on your behalf. 
  • We provide comprehensive advice. As a result, you receive great value because a single discussion can leverage multiple areas of our expertise.

Because of this we have a very strong record in bringing tax investigations, enquiries and tribunals to a swift and successful conclusion.

We also provide fee protection insurance covering most inquiry situations for our tax clients. This includes new clients for whom an HMRC inquiry or investigation has already started.

Our HMRC Tax Investigation, Tax Enquiry, Tax Tribunal Expertise

If you’ve been advised HMRC are investgating your affairs it is essential you reveive good advice from the outset. How you interact with HMRC is crucial to the response you receive – HMRC Officers are also human.

We have a very high success rate in resolving tax matters and have in-depth experience with:

  • Personal tax issues.
  • Corporation tax.
  • IR35.
  • Personal non-disclosure.
  • Bounce back loans.

We’ve helped many clients navigate complex situations and negotiate the best outcome with HMRC.

In some cases we’ve helped reduce penalties and in others supported a particular tax perspective – by presenting technical tax reasoning.

Case Study – HMRC Fraud Inquiry

The Problems

Our new client had taken legal advice for a year but HMRC had refused to close a COP9 fraud inquiry until all their corporate tax affairs were also resolved. The client also wanted to recover a key asset.

They also had minimal records.

How We Helped

We brought the client’s corporate affairs up to date for the entire group (around 20 companies for around 5 years).

We negotiated with HMRC to minimise the tax liability taking a different approach to that of the client’s lawyers.

The Result

We succeeded in reducing our new clients tax liabilities by about £250k.

Next Step

Tax investigations, enquiries and tribunals can be stressful. You can be assured our specialist tax skills will help bring your tax affairs to a swift and successful conclusion.

Contact us as early as possible to resolve your position.