Reducing Personal Non-Dom Taxes – West London

We advise on UK non-domiciled (“non-dom”) residents’ tax issues.

Many new non-dom clients are initially simply unaware of the substantial tax savings available from our expertise.

We help non-doms in a wide number of areas including:

Benefits of Our Services for Non-Doms

  • We have significant experience advising on nom-dom issues and negotiating them with HMRC (the UK tax authority).
  • 60% of our tax staff have previously worked for HMRC – so we know how to effectively work with them – on your behalf. 
  • We employ a Chartered Tax Advisor (CTA) – the UK’s highest level of tax qualification.
  • We’re a, mid-sized, firm of Chartered Accountants. We:
    • Have the depth of resources to plan your non-dom tax status.
    • Are small enough to care for you as a client.
  • We are a full-service firm of Chartered Accountants, based in West London – significantly less expensive than a typical firm based in Central London.

Case Study 1) John

The problem

John had left his global employer and emigrated. His employer paid him a bonus and deducted PAYE. Subsequently, John wanted to watch his London-based football club in the FA Cup final and needed to understand the tax consequences of spending more time in the UK.

How we helped

We reviewed the situation and advised tax was not due on the bonus (contrary to the approach taken by the global employer).

We also reviewed his past and future plans to assess his UK tax. We appealed to HMRC and they agreed our advice and refunded John over £700,000.

Case Study 2) Marc

The problem

Marc had relocated from Paris to a senior role at a multinational in London. He was already in the UK when he sought advice. His employer had not provided any relocation tax advice.

How we helped

We reviewed Marc’s personal affairs and identified opportunities to secure a large tax refund for working in his new role.

Marc now receives an annual refund of around 1/3rd of his PAYE tax. (Many tens of thousands of pounds p.a.)

Case Study 3) Anne and Harry

The problem

Anne had also completed tax returns for Harry, a good friend, forgetting to declare property income for about 10 years. She was having sleepless nights.

How we helped

We advised Anne and Harry how to rectify the situation. This involved explaining the process and the attitude of HMRC towards penalties and interest.

We prepared the necessary disclosures to HMRC and negotiated minimal tax penalties.

Case Study 4) G

The problem

G is a high-earning City executive, working for a large US bank, in a trusted role.

He had tried using a tax-based investment opportunity. It turned out to be fraudulent – so he had completed his tax returns incorrectly. G was concerned his career would be impacted.

How we helped

HMRC relatively quickly accepted our proposals without imposing any penalties.

Contact us today to reduce your non-dom taxes – and relieve your tax headache. You’ll be pleased you did.